Why choose

2 in 1 pants?

by jeanstrack

Why choose 2 pants in 1?
First, the current situation is hard, the price of essential goods is rising (electricity, petrol, raw materials…)
In addition, at a global level we are used to following fast fashion, the fast ever changing fashion, which is based on the continuous purchase of cheap and poor quality garments, following trends. With which we leave a long list of negative consequences at a particular and global level.
At a particular level, in the cheap garments, the materials to make them are of very low quality, so the life of the product is very short. The topic ” if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly” or “you get what you pay”. With what we are spending money on a product that we will throw away in a short period of time.
At a global level, the consequences are greater, fast fashion translates into high pollution and environmental degradation. Well, it is impossible to manufacture sustainably, selling at such low prices. Therefore, toxic dyes are used, a lot of micro-plastic, a lot of non-renewable or organic raw material, etc. etc. etc. So we are leaving a high carbon footprint on our planet and our nature.
Not to mention the workforce, a large part of this fast fashion has been carried out in situations of labour exploitation, violating human rights, carried out in countries with poorly developed economies. Well, if we buy at low prices, it’s because the labour force also charges very, very low prices, don’t you think?
Furthermore, these clothes create a lot of textile waste, knowing that only about 15% of textile waste is recycled and recovered after consumption. So we create an ever-increasing level of garbage.
Knowing all this, do you still want to be part of fast fashion?
Or do you prefer to reduce this vicious circle of unethical, unsustainable and zero environmental responsibility purchases?
Here comes the reason for the launch of our 2-in-1 clothing concept.
Something that the brands that promote fast fashion won’t tell you and don’t want you to hear. Well, these brands think… why offer 1 pair of pants that has 2 functions, being able to sell you one for each occasion, of poor quality and that in the end you spend more money in their stores?
However, we are a business, we want to earn money (we are not going to be hypocrites), but we also want to do so by having quality workers, respecting human rights and thinking about the sustainability of our planet, our nature and our mountains, what it makes us happier when we enjoy it practicing our favourite sport.
Therefore, for this reason, from our beginnings we thought about the concept of creating 2-in-1 garments.
Garments that are useful for practicing your favourite sport, that have the technical characteristics required for it. But at the same time have a casual look so you can use them in the same way for your day to day.
So, as we know that the multitasking concept is so “trendy” (excuse the redundancy), because companies want tools to be multitasking, employees to be multitasking… why don’t we create pants that are also multitasking?
Thus, you buy 1 single garment, but it’s used for several things.
Yes, we know, it won’t be a cheap garment. But we assure you that the duration, quality and sustainability and ethics of it have nothing to do with the garments promoted by fast fashion.
In addition, fast fashion encourages the continuous change of styles, colours, etc. But we don’t, you can find the same jeans you bought 5 years ago today on our website. Well, jean is a garment that doesn’t go out of fashion, nor are we going to allow it to do so.
Obviously we renew, we bring out new models, new colours… but not to force you to withdraw the one you already had and buy another, but to expand the variety, following the style that our customers are looking for and not the one that fashion dictates.
In short, we don’t know if we have convinced you of something or not. But what we have achieved if you have read this far are 2 things:
The first, to put in your mind the germ of the negative consequences of fast fashion.
The second, to show you that it is much more sustainable and cheaper for everyone to buy multitasking garments that are environmentally conscious. Not only for the planet, but also for your pocket.

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2 in 1 pants

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