Climbing is a sport that combines self-improvement, perseverance and effort.

Many climbing lovers love to go out to enjoy the rock, practice sport climbing, classic or boulder in the mountains. But sometimes the weather conditions or the fact of having to travel to the place do not allow you to enjoy climbing outdoors. But, why give up enjoying a sport as complete as climbing in these difficult days? For this we have climbing walls, perfectly equipped spaces just one step away from your home.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they are becoming more popular and crowded around the world.

Climbing walls are increasingly used for their characteristics, but also for their complementary activities. Well, most have gyms, bar and recreational areas to chat with mates after the sport and physical stores with climbing products.

Jeanstrack is present as a point of sale in many climbing walls throughout the Spanish geography, as we consider that our products may be ideal for climbers who attend these places.

At Jeanstrack we have the philosophy of making garments with all the technical characteristics necessary for climbing but also with a casual look that allows you to move from home to the climbing wall or from the climbing wall to home with an urban look.


It is because of our versatile look that we have pants for climbing in a climbing wall, ideal for any user.

Our men’s shorts in various colours and jeans, very elastic and cool for climbing on the climbing wall:

Men’s trousers, also in jeans or in colour, comfortable and elastics:

Shorts for women that will allow you total freedom of movement:

Our women’s trousers with jean fabric and in different colours that offer you a totally casual look as well as great comfort:


To complement your climbing pants, Jeanstrack offers you both short-sleeved and tank tops. In addition, for women climbers, we have sport tops that are ideal for summer.

Jeanstrack proposal for men:

Jeanstrack proposal for women:


Finally, both chalk bags and face masks are essential in a climbing wall today.

Our chalk bags have a denim look with which you will make a difference, since their appearance is ideal to be different in the climbing wall:

Currently, the importance of wearing an approved, reusable and comfortable face mask is a priority, which is why we offer you two models with which to go calmly and safely to enjoy climbing in your climbing wall.

We are clear that climbing is a great option to clear your mind, do sports and improve yourself day by day, so there are no excuses such as the weather is bad to climb or you have to travel too far… Sign up to your nearest climbing wall, outfit yourself with some good pants for climbing in a climbing wall and go for it!