Discover why quality is the key in mountain biking jeans

Jeans for mountain biking are a crucial garment for any cyclist looking for a comfortable and safe experience. Choosing the right pair of jeans is crucial to ensure the necessary comfort and protection during mountain rides.
Quality fabric is essential for good mountain biking jeans, as cyclists face many challenges on the road, including friction, and falls. Therefore, it is essential that the jeans are resistant and durable to withstand these challenges and protect cyclists from scratches or damage.
At Jeanstrack, we have been specialists in fabric for 5 generations, working in  textile world since 1867. That’s why we have specialized in offering technical mountain biking jeans that have a jeans look, offering versatility to users.
Our jeans are made of high-quality fabrics that offer resistance, durability, and breathability. In addition, the ergonomic design of each of our Jeanstrack jeans allows for unparalleled freedom of movement, which is essential for mountain biking.
Another important factor when choosing jeans for mountain biking is injury protection. Cyclists are exposed to risks such as falls, rubbing, and cuts, so it is crucial that the jeans offer adequate protection. Our jeans for cycling, due to the type of fabric with which they are made, allow cyclists to enjoy their sport without worrying about rubbing. And at the same time, without sacrificing the comfort and casual look that denim fabric provides.
In summary, it is important to wear high-quality jeans for mountain biking. Quality fabric, which provides extra protection against rubbing, and ergonomic design are crucial characteristics when choosing suitable jeans for mountain biking. The Jeanstrack brand offers high-quality denim jeans for mountain biking that meet all these specifications and offer cyclists a comfortable and safe experience on the mountain.

Some of our jeans for MTB


These versatile and comfortable jeans are suitable for everything and you won’t want to miss them for your suitcase. Mountain biking, hiking, travel…with these trousers you can do it all.


This simple and versatile short is designed for mtb in any of its modalities. It has a baggy short but is also made with a very resistant and stretch.


Shorts for gravel with a particular and attractive style that will also make you use them in your day-to-day life. Tight to the leg, but very elastic and comfortable.