a new discipline?


The world of cycling runs wild like a bike down the mountain in a DH competition. The sector is in full growth and those who set the pace are the bicycle manufacturers. Brands want to reach all customers and it seems that they don’t want to leave any loophole for the most specialized customers to escape. This is the case of the ‘downcountry’, a new cycling niche that we will try to explain below.

If we were to position this discipline within the world of MTB, it would be located between ‘crosscountry’ and ‘trail’ or ‘all mountain’. This means that the ‘downcountry’ wants to satisfy the needs of those riders accustomed to ‘crosscountry’ who are looking for a more versatile bike that descends much better especially on rough terrain without giving up a fast and rolling bike, as well as those more trailers who they’re looking for something that’s lighter, faster, and more rolling without sacrificing too much suspension. Well, like the famous title of that song by Paco de Lucía, ‘between two stools'(‘entre dos aguas’).

On a technical level and being more specific, we could say that the ‘downcountry’ bike is like a ‘crosscountry’ bike with the following differences:

  • Fork and rear shock suspension around 120mm instead of the 80/100mm of the ‘crosscountry’, so that it moves better on long races with different terrains.
  • Very similar frame geometry but the steering angle is usually higher to make the descents better.
  • 29” diameter wheels and 2.5” wide tires following the same idea of versatility.

In summary, bicycle brands have created a new intermediate segment that we don’t know how long way it will go in this fast-paced and changing world, but at JeansTrack we support these initiatives as long as they serve to add to and improve what already exists.

Luckily our products do not have to adapt to these changes since in our product DNA is the VERSATILITY of our garments, so anyone who wants to join this new modality of the ‘downcountry’ can enjoy it wearing any of our super-elastic and resistant pants. In addition, you already know that thanks to our casual look you can also use them in your day to day.

Model 1: Xavi Roca /
Photographer: Ricard Calmet  (Solobici Report)
Model 2: Albert Roncero /
Photographer:  Hardbike (Mountainbiker)