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Jeanstrack also pedal

We all know that cities are becoming more and more focused on sustainable mobility rather than car mobility, but what about small towns like Morella, home of Jeanstrack?

For those who don’t know it, Morella is a small mountain village of 2,500 inhabitants located in the interior of the province of Castellón. Some factors, such as steep slopes and long stairs, make it a paradise for mountain biking. However, the cold climate and poor accessibility are negative ingredients for urban mobility by bicycle.

But that hasn’t stopped our Jeanstrack team, and every morning, most of the staff ride their bikes to the office. Whether it’s our enduro e-bike, gravel bike, all-mountain bike or road bike, the warehouse always looks like a bike parking.

The fact that we all have bikes, and most of us use them for daily transport, has meant that none of us have escaped being one of the “models” that you can find in many of the photographs on our website.

When developing our project in the online environment, so that our customers can see our product well and be sure of what they are buying, we always try to show some images of the product in action of real people. And what is more real than our staff?

That’s why more than once, you can see some of our team members posing to show a pair of Heras trousers in the vicinity of our offices, a cap in the middle of nature, or our Urban polo shirts in the streets of Morella.

Because our company is only 3 minutes away from climbing routes, mountain bike trails, nature… the advantages of being in the middle of the mountains.

We will never tire of saying it: our passion, apart from making trousers of course, are those disciplines for which we make our trousers. That’s why our climbing trousers, as well as our mtb or urban cycling trousers, before going on sale to our customers, have always passed through our hands and we have tested them in thousands of situations. A fact that we will continue to repeat at Jeanstrack, to be able to transmit to our customers the passion that moves us every morning to continue making our clothes.

That’s why our passion for sport can be felt in every part of our offices.