Make our contribution to the Ukrainians

At Jeanstrack we are afflicted by the situation in Ukraine, civilians are the most affected by this conflict, and we want to do our little bit to help them. To contribute as much help as possible with food, clothing, accommodation, family reunifications… in short, everything that can help them in this dramatic situation they are living in.

And we want to do it hand in hand with our clients and our company. For this reason, from today, for each purchase made on our website, we will donate €5 for each garment sold, to help the Ukrainian civilian population.


Through the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Sporting Goods (Afydad) in collaboration with the United Nations (NU), who are committed to providing assistance and protection to the people of Ukraine in these hard times. The UN will do this through the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, as it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to support urgent humanitarian aid in this territory.
If you just want to donate, you do not need to buy our products, this is something that we have decided for help, not for selling more Jeanstrack garments. Well, you can do it directly through the UN Crisis Relief:


And as promised is debt, here you have our contribution to this cause…