New climbing sector in Morella

Financed by Jeanstrack


jeanstrack collaborates in climbing projects in morella (Spain), the town where the brand has its origins

For those who are in the world of climbing, the word “sector” will already be as familiar as “route”, “attempts”, “harden” or “on sight”. But for those who don’t practice this sport, or who are just starting out in this circle, a climbing sector is a group of routes that are in a specific location, they can range from sectors of 3 routes, to sectors of 500.
Not in vain, Jeanstrack was born in Morella, a small mountain town located inland of Castellón, which has several climbing sectors: Xiva de Morella, “Granjes de Paco”, Devesa, “Gegants” or La Grellera, are some of the sectors where the climbers of the area meet to share their passion. Although all of them are unique and have first class facilities/installation/equipment, they share the same problem, you have to take the car to get close to them. For many climbers it is not a big problem, since it is only 10/15 minutes by car. But for all young climbers, who are just starting out, 10 minutes by car becomes an obstacle. That is why the Espemo Mountain Association has launched a project to equip a new sector located right at the foot of Morella, “La Fontanella”. When at Jeanstrack we heard about this initiative, we couldn’t resist participating. What better way to encourage local climbing than by financing a project to offer the possibility of climbing to the youngest?
That is when it was decided that Espemo collaborates with the workforce (all the climbing enthusiasts who spend their free time equipping new routes) and the tools (drills, ropes, rappellers, etc.) and Jeanstrack bears the cost of necessary material for the equipment of the sector (parabolts, anchors and belay stations).
The “La Fontanella” sector is a special sector, since it is low-rise routes with very short pitch*, ranging from a fifth grade of initiation, to more difficult grades (seventh grade). And of course, just 2 minutes walk from Espemo’s headquarters, so that the new generations can collect the material (ropes, tapes, insurers, etc.) that the club lends them, and enjoy a special sport such as climbing is.
*Distance between the insurances in the sports routes
For Jeanstrack it is very important to bet on climbing in Morella, and we try to do it whenever we have the opportunity, supporting projects such as the “Fontanella” or collaborating with the organization of the Jeanstrack Morella Boulder Open. But in this story, the true pillars are all those anonymous routesetters who have made it possible (and make it possible day by day) that so many of us have been able to meet climbing, because if it weren’t for them, the necessary infrastructure wouldn’t exist to do what passionate us.