A different experience

Ebike days, good food, good company and especially a lot of enjoyment of our mountains and our nature

Our MTB pants are different and unique. Like them, trying them is a different experience but, as all the journalists at the event commented, successful. Being able to enjoy our mountains and our nature while we test new products is always our passion at Jeanstrack, and being able to share it with everyone who accompanied us these days has been a very enriching experience. If to all this we add the passion of the Respira Natura management for our garments, the mountains that surround us in the region where we find ourselves and the wonderful food at Faixero… it was a truly fantastic experience.


Thank you all for making this possible

  • Ismael Ventura of ESMTB
  • Albert Runseru of Mountain Biker
  • Jordi Caballer of Solo bici
  • Carlos Morcillo of  BIKE Magazine
  • Toni Amat Vilarò of TradeBIKE
  • Carol Ayza and Mariona Julia of Secreto a voces

And of course to Respira Natura and the Hotel del Faixero for always being willing to collaborate with us.

Memories from Press Tour