At JeansTrack we are passionate about sports in nature such as climbing, mountain biking, trail running or hiking. We are also great defenders of the use of non-polluting alternative transport such as bicycles. We believe that, if we want to continue enjoying these activities that we like so much, we must take care of the environment where they take place and we want to give back to nature part of what it gives us.

This is why we have launched the ‘Track Zero’ initiative. It is a commitment to try to be as sustainable a brand as possible by adopting more and more standards and processes that make our products the most respectful with the environment. In the same way that we try not to leave residues when we do an activity in the middle of nature, at JeansTrack we want our products to leave the least possible footprint on the environment either through the materials used, the manufacturing processes, the transport between the production centres and our warehouse, as well as the packaging with which it reaches your hands.

For this, in ‘Track Zero’, we quantify the following data up to a total score of 100 points:


It refers to the materials used both to make our garments and to get them to you. It includes the fabrics, the labeling, the accessories such as zippers, buttons or rivets and the packaging with which we deliver it to you.

5 PTOS. OEKO-TEX® FABRICS – BCI. These two certifications are the minimum acceptable in raw material if you want a product to be sustainable. OEKO-TEX® certifies that textile chemicals are suitable for sustainable production and that they are ecologically safe for humans and respectful of the environment. BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certifies the sustainability of used cotton based on environmental and socio-economic criteria. Virtually all of our fabrics have these certifications.

20 KNITTED GOTS – GRS – REPREVE. They are certificates of great international recognition that certify that the fabrics used are ‘organic’ (GOTS, OCS) or ‘recycled’ (GRS, RCS, REPREVE). For us it is the greatest sustainability value in the materials section and we are trying to increase the use of materials with these certifications.

5 PTOS ECO LABELS. If the labels, whether hanging or sewn on the garment itself, are sustainable because they use organic or recycled materials, we will apply these points.

5 PTOS ZIPPERS – ECO BUTTONS. The same criteria used in the previous point but applied to the zippers and buttons used.

10 PTOS ECO PACKAGING. Another important point is the packaging since the increase in individualized shipments worldwide has increased the use of plastics that are so harmful to nature. At Jeanstrack we have eliminated plastics and we use recycled cardboard made in Spain.


Industrial processes are a very important part of our product and the textile industry is making great strides in terms of sustainability.

10 POINTS RENEWABLE ENERGY. If the energy of any of the production centers (clothing workshop or laundry) is of renewable origin, if they have solar panels or use biomass for the boilers, we will apply this score.

5 PTOS LASER. Laser marking is a technique to achieve wear and decoration effects on the fabric of garments. The use of this technique substitutes manual and chemical processes that are more polluting. With the laser it is possible to avoid the use of chemical products such as potassium permanganate, in addition to reducing the use of water and energy in the process.

10 PTOS OZONE – E-FLOW. Thanks to technology today there are two processes in the finishing of jeans-type garments that are essential for sustainability. The use of Ozone eliminates the use of hypochlorite in addition to reducing water consumption by more than 90%. On the other hand, the E-Flow uses nano-bubble technology to make finishing processes reducing the use of chemicals and water. These processes also reduce energy consumption by 79% compared to traditional processes.

10 PTOS ECO STAINS AND FINISHES. The vast majority of our colored garments are treated in industrial washing / dyeing plants. The use of ecological and natural dyes is an important step towards sustainability. The same happens with technical finishes such as water repellency that not only must comply with current regulations, but we also seek to make them as sustainable as possible.

carbon footprint

Sustainability should not only be measured by the raw material and how it has been transformed. Transportation plays a very important role in this globalized world. Manufacturing in Europe and more specifically in Spain, is not only a way to better control processes and create wealth in the market in which you operate, but we also manage to reduce the carbon footprint.

10 PTOS MADE IN EU. For those products in which all production processes have been carried out within the European Union.

20 PTOS MADE IN SPAIN. Garments that are made in Spain. Most of our production centers are less than 300 km from our logistics warehouse in Morella, which greatly reduces pollutant emissions into the atmosphere when compared to most of the productions that come from Asia or Africa.

All those products that add up to 70 of the possible 100 points will receive our ‘Track Zero’ rating and when you buy one of these products you will know that with your purchase you also contribute to caring for the planet.

Products that are not ‘Track Zero’ do not have to be disrespectful to the environment, quite the opposite. In fact, they all comply with some of our initiatives, but we wanted to highlight those that prominently comply with many of them.

On the other hand, we want to highlight that many of these rules are not only sustainable for the environment but also ethical since the fact of producing in areas so close to us ensures that safety regulations and labor rights are met, and we also promote the nearby industry and contribute to the local wealth.

‘Track Zero’ is an own initiative according to the JeansTrack philosophy but in no case is it an official certification. It is one more initiative of our brand to inform you of what you are buying with transparency. We want you to feel comfortable with what you buy.

Enjoy nature and enjoy sports with Jeanstrack