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How does it work?

In all our products, you will see a VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM section as indicated in the image (just above where you select the size, both in mobile and PC versions):

The first step when clicking on VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM is to choose whether your measurements are male or female.

And add your height, weight and age.

Next, you click the button NEXT.

After that, you must put the approximate shape of your body, as shown in the example, using the symbols – or +

And once done, click on the NEXT button to discover the size that best suits your body.

The VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM will recommend your ideal size, but as you can see in the images, you can see how one size more or less would fit you.

Correct size

Small size

Large size

If you have doubts about the recommended size, at any time during the process you can enter EDIT MEASUREMENTS (button indicated in the image) and modify them.

You should know that at any time, you can see the measurements of the garment from the side, as in the image, from the left button PRODUCT MEASURES:

VIRTUAL fitting room

We invite you to watch the video we have created so that you can learn how the Jeanstrack VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM works.

Getting your size right has never been so easy!

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