Women's Climbing-Boulder 

Women's Climbing-Boulder

Trousers, t-shirts, sweatshirts and climbing accessories for women

With JeansTrack, you can practise climbing in clothing that will make you feel as comfortable as when you dress to go to a bar or stroll around the city. Our philosophy is to help you feel great in any situation with climbing trousers and t-shirts that will offer you the same tec...

  • Women's Climbing-Boulder Trousers
    Women's Climbing-Boulder Trousers

    Buy women's jeans-style climbing trousers on-line

    Who hasn't ever felt a little uncomfortable when going out to a bar wearing the same clothes you wore while climbing... And let’s not forget what a drag it is to have to change behind a bush or bring spare clothes! JeansTrack offers climbing trousers for bouldering, deep-water soloing, sports climbing or classic climbing that you can use in any other everyday situation without feeling ridiculous. We have stretch climbing jeans for when you are clinging to the rockface, and attractive jeans with the latest washes for when you are away from the mountains or the climbing wallClimbing trousers in various colours, bermudas, shorts and cropped jeans that adapt to any situation, with colours and finishes that will always make you feel comfortable and with a look all your own. These are versatile garments that will save you both space and time.

    There's no need to give up on attractive design with all the necessary quality and functionality, as our fabrics offer the highest elasticity of Lycra®, the breathability of combed cotton (hypo-allergenic) and the resistance of polyester. All are designed and manufactured in Spain and Portugal respecting the rules regarding the environment and social rights, taking care to ensure the maximum quality of the products and creating local goods with which we can contribute to the economic development of the industry closest to us.

    Save space in your rucksack and take just one pair of trousers to the mountains!  These jeans can also be worn for going out with friends without feeling uncomfortable.

    JeansTrack offers climbing trousers for bouldering, deep-water soloing, sports climbing or classic climbing that you can use in any other everyday situation. We have stretch climbing jeans for when you are climbing the rockface, and attractive jeans with the latest washes for when you are away from the mountains or climbing wall. You can choose from casual style jeans in assorted colours, and fresh linen trousers for those hotter days. All of our products are packed full of little details that will provide you with comfort and safety whilst practising climbing, and have casual finishes and bright colours that will make you feel at ease when wearing them away from the rocks.

    Don't give up on wearing fashionable, attractive trousers when going climbing and enjoy them both on and off the climbing wall!

  • Women's Climbing-Boulder T-Shirts
    Women's Climbing-Boulder T-Shirts

    Buy climbing and bouldering t-shirts on-line

    What could be better than using a natural material when you’re in contact with nature... Cotton is a natural, environmentally friendly fibre that is soft, fresh, comfortable and breathable. It is also hypoallergenic and doesn't generate static electricity. If you love climbing or bouldering, you need only choose your favourite design from our cotton t-shirts that have been made for climbing, wherever you enjoy it best, be it outdoors or on a climbing wall.

    Choose the design you like best in a women's t-shirt that has been manufactured in the EU using the highest-quality cotton. There are models with both short and no sleeves. Enjoy the softness and breathability whilst practising climbing or bouldering, either outdoors or on a climbing wall, without having to forego your own casual, personal style. You can also combine them with a pair of jeans in your daily life. Many of our models are made with brushed cotton, which gives greater strength and durability to the garment as well as a better feel.

  • Women's Climbing-Boulder Sweatshirts
    Women's Climbing-Boulder Sweatshirts

    Buy climbing and bouldering sweatshirts on-line

    Après avoir tout donné, après vous être testé un jour de plus, lorsque vous revenez au point de départ, vous avez besoin de vous sentir protégé et vous voulez sentir une chaleur réconfortante...un sweat-shirt JeansTrack vous apportera le confort dont vous avez besoin...le repos bien mérité du guerrier. Il protège votre corps naturellement pour que vous puissiez profiter d'une nouvelle journée.

    Après une dure journée d'escalade, de vélo ou simplement de marche en montagne, il est réconfortant de sentir la douceur et la chaleur d'un sweat-shirt est très réconfortant. Si ce vêtement est également attrayant, vous ne voudrez plus l'enlever.

    JeansTrack vous propose ce type de vêtement fabriqué avec les meilleurs matériaux et avec un look différent de tout ce que vous aviez vu auparavant. Laissez-vous séduire, laissez-vous chouchouter et profitez-en.

  • Women's Climbing-Boulder Accesories
    Women's Climbing-Boulder Accesories

    Buy climbing and bouldering accessories on-line

    Whatever sport or activity you practice, you will surely need some accessories that not only provide you with solutions but also complement your look. Embroidered caps, elastic and ultralight belts, adhesive embroidered patches for repair or adornment, independent cycling pad, chalk bags, etc. All this always with a JeansTrack touch.

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    Women's elastic belt that fits your waist in any situation.
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    Take care of the planet! True to our values, we have created a bag made of organic cotton that you can use every day and thus stop using so much plastic.
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    Do sports or any other activity every day in a comfortable and safe way with this reusable hygienic sports face mask.
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    Get protection, comfort and hygiene with this sports face mask with a very casual style. Washable and reusable.

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