Urban Cycling Men 

Urban Cycling Men

Every day it is more common to commute with alternative means of transport that pollute less and are healthier for ourselves and our environment. The bicycle is one of them. JeansTrack has developed a line of products designed for this activity, designed to give you comfort, resistance, safety and other features that you will undoubtedly appreci...

  • Men's Urban Cycling Trousers
    Men's Urban Cycling Trousers

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    Most of us think that to go from home to work by bike with some Chinos, some shorts or those jeans that I am feeling so comfortable with ... and it is true, they serve you. But think that now you have our pants that are the same as the ones you wear but improved cause you will wear them just as comfortable at work or with your friends but they will protect you from the rain, they will be very comfortable and elastic, they will carry reinforcements that  make them more resistant, they will be more breathable or they will have reflective elements for riding on a bike even at night.

  • Men's Urban Cycling Jackets
    Men's Urban Cycling Jackets

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    True to our philosophy, we have created versatile garments, in this case, jackets designed for a specific use with technical details that provide us with advantages while we wear them but that have a casual and urban look so that we can use them in different moments and everyday situations.

    The jackets for urban cycling have their own details to use them while you ride your bike with greater comfort and safety than if you did it with a conventional jacket. Details such as cuffs adjustment to prevent air from entering the sleeves, reflective inserts to improve your visibility and increase your safety, micro-perforated lining that collects sweat to keep you dry on the inside, water-repellent (WR) finish to keep you dry on the outside or internal elastic fastening band to attach the jacket to the belt of your pants to ensure that the jacket remains in its ideal position, protecting your lumbar area above all.

    In addition, JeansTrack always takes care of the finish and look of its garments with washes and dyes that make the garments attractive and so you can use them at any other time, even if you are not riding.

    Urban cyclists (commuters) and lovers of sustainable urban mobility will also appreciate that we use materials such as organic cotton or recycled fibers with Repreve® certification, as well as washing and dyeing processes such as ozone or nano-bubbles. They should also know that our garments are designed in Spain in factories that use solar panels or biomass to generate energy and that, thanks to the proximity between these factories and our warehouse, we greatly reduce the carbon footprint of our products. If I also tell you that we use labels made of recycled materials or that we have replaced plastic with recycled cardboard in the packaging and that we also try to buy all the materials from companies as close to us as possible, surely our products will convince you even more.

  • Men's Urban Cycling T-shirts
    Men's Urban Cycling T-shirts

    Buy online urban cycling t-shirts

    Our t-shirts for urban cycling are natural cause they are made of 100% cotton dyed with vegetable dyes, they are comfortable and fresh and also combine perfectly with chinos and jeans when you ride on bike through the city, when you are at work, if you are going to buy to the supermarket or simply if you go out with friends to have something.

  • Men's Urban Cycling Technical Shirts
    Men's Urban Cycling Technical Shirts

    JeansTrack shirts are the ideal complement for our urban cycling pants for hot days. They are elastic shirts and very fresh, with reflective safety details.

    With the urban cycling shirts you will feel comfortable, cool and safe. In addition, they have a casual and urban look so you will wear them  as comfortable in the office,  as at the bar or walking around the city.

  • Men's Urban Cycling Sweatshirts
    Men's Urban Cycling Sweatshirts

    Buy online urban cycling sweatshirts

    If you are looking for a comfortable and versatile sweatshirt, don't hesitate, choose JeansTrack sweatshirts. We have designed a line of multifunctional sweatshirts, which can be used both in everyday life and for any sporting activity. It is a high quality sweatshirt, breathable thanks to the cotton and resistant, ideal to keep you warm and protected after your sports activity or for any daily use.

  • Men's Urban Cycling Accesories
    Men's Urban Cycling Accesories

    Buy online urban cycling accessories

    Whatever sport or activity you practice, you will surely need some accessories that not only provide you with solutions but also complement your look. Embroidered caps, elastic and ultralight belts, adhesive embroidered patches for repair or adornment, independent cycling pad, etc. All this always with a JeansTrack touch.

  • New season
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    Take care of the planet! True to our values, we have created a bag made of organic cotton that you can use every day and thus stop using so much plastic.

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