About Us

"JeansTrack, the clothing brand for people who love both mountain sports and jeans".

How did JeansTrack begin? 

After a mountain bike trip and a conversation between friends... Yes, that’s what really happened!! 


All of us who go out to spend an enjoyable day in the mountains like to end the day with friends, and have a nice chat about the outing, but without having everyone realise that we have just finished a sporty activity, right?  Well, the founder and CEO of JeansTrack also likes to finish a day's trekking this way, and it was during one of these outings that JeansTrack began to take shape.


After spending a day on their mountain bikes, the time came for a reward and enjoying a relaxing conversation with his companions. While watching them tell their stories, he realised that all his fellow cyclists had changed their sports equipment for their beloved jeans, and it was then that he started to wonder…

Why give up jeans when practising a sport if they are our favourite item of clothing? Why not enjoy casual clothes in any situation? Why not own a pair of jeans that can be worn for both practising sport and for other uses?

After these reflections, he began to lay out the idea and created a working team which has designed and developed jeans that adapt to an active lifestyle.

Part of the formula was the founder's wide experience in the denim/jeans industry, as he has already spent over 25 years at the forefront of a company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of this fabric.

"JeansTrack is not just sporty, denim clothing, it is a lifestyle choice, where a passion for nature, mountains, fashion and style are the moving force behind our everyday lives."

The brand's mission is to combine the sports world with casual/urban fashion, producing sports equipment that meets the technical characteristics, properties and performance inherent to sportswear, but does so with a denim finish-look.

Breathability, elasticity, lightness, resistance and the comfort required to practise sport are the essential characteristics of our garments. Added to all of this are innovative finishes that are different to similar garments.

JeansTrack products are not limited to the sports field, but can be worn at any time when the wearer wants to enjoy another activity without giving off a completely sporty image. This is the great advantage of our products.


So far, products have been developed for three activities: Trekking/Hiking, Climbing, Bouldering and Mountain Biking (in all its forms), but the R+D+i department is working to develop products and adapt them to other sports disciplines.


All treatments carried out to the garments are carried out with non-harmful products, and the machinery used is highly respectful of the environment. Garment treatment systems are used that reduce water consumption by 98%, the use of chemical products by 80% and energy consumption by 79%. 

This is a local product, as the design and manufacturing take place solely in Europe, but its distribution is international. Orders can be made from anywhere in the world through our website www.jeanstrack.com.

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